Software Testing

Acceptance Test

Acceptance Test Plan

Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance Test Criteria

RequirementsAnalysis - Acceptance Criteria Writing
What Characteristics Make Good Agile Acceptance Criteria? | Segue Technologies - Custom Software Development, Professional Website Design, Information Technology

Auditing the testing process

Auditing Software Testing Process | IT Training and Consulting – Exforsys
Test Process Audit - Soflab Technology


McCabe IQ - Test Team Editon - Software Test / Code Coverage to focus, monitor, and document software testing processes.
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Cyber Security

Security testing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cyber Security: Test your Knowledge - The Network: Cisco's Technology News Site
Combinatorial Methods in Cybersecurity Testing
Cybersecurity Framework: Tests Needed? - BankInfoSecurity
Cyber Security Challenge
Fundamentals of Cyber Test and Evaluation | Defense Technology Course | Georgia Tech Professional Education
Cybersecurity Testing | Spirent Federal Systems
Cybersecurity: Managing Systems, Conducting Testing, and Investigating Intrusions: Thomas J. Mowbray: 9781118697115: Books
SecTools.Org Top Network Security Tools
Network Security
Computer Forensics Certification - CyberSecurity Forensic Analyst(CSFA)
Network Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking
BBC News - How to put cybersecurity defences to the test
CyberSecurity Magazine
Testing the Limits of Cybersecurity: Video - Bloomberg
Computer Security Denver,CO | Penetration Testing | Azorian Cyber Security
Is there an easy way to test my network's security? | ITworld
About DeterLab | DETER
Cyber Security Certification Programs | Learning Tree
Information Assurance Training and Risk Assessment Programs for Data Security

Decision Tables Decision tables.pdf
What is Decision table in software testing?
Structured Software Testing
UML™ for the IT Business Analyst, Second Edition: A Practical Guide to Requirements Gathering Using the Unified Modeling Language > Designing Test Cases and Completing the Project > Case Study J1: Deriving Test Cases from Decision Tables - Pg. 255e
How to Write Complex Business Logic Test Scenarios Using Decision Table Technique — Software Testing Help
Tutorial-13 To Generate Decision Table based Test Cases for a Payroll Problem
Decision Table Testing | Expert Testers
cs 389 - Spring 2005


Software Estimation Techniques - Common Test Estimation Techniques used in SDLC | Software Testing Class
What are the estimation techniques in software testing?
Software Testing Estimation Techniques
Test Estimation Techniques
Software Testing Estimation Techniques
Test effort - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ten Software Test Estimation Techniques
Software Test Estimation – 9 General Tips on How to Estimate Testing Time Accurately — Software Testing Help
Software Testing Estimation Techniques

Interoperability Testing

What is Interoperability Testing? - Definition from Techopedia
Interoperability - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
ETSI - Testing and Interoperability
Compatibility Testing | Interoperability Testing
Randy Rice's Software Testing & Quality Blog: Integration and Interoperability Testing of Software


ISTQB Foundation level exam Sample paper – II — Software Testing Help
Foundation Level Syllabus - ISTQB® International Software Testing Qualifications Board
Glossary - ISTQB® International Software Testing Qualifications Board
ISTQB FREE Updates — Software Testing Help

Metrics - Test Matrices Sample Plan Templates/sample-test-plan-template.pdf
Test Plan Template | Software Testing Class

Metrics in Software Test Planning and Test Design Proc
software testing metrics - Google Search
Guide to Useful Software Test Metrics |Software Testing Times - Tutorials, QTP, Manual Testing Automation Testing, Load Runner

Regression Testing

Regression Testing with Regression Testing Tools and Best Practices — Software Testing Help

Side Effects

Is there a way to unit test against side effects? - Stack Overflow

Software Test Plan

Test plan sample: SoftwareTesting and Quality assurance Templates — Software Testing Help
Example: Test Plan
Test Plan | Software Testing Fundamentals

Spiral Model

Spiral model - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Spiral model
What is spiral model (spiral lifecycle model) ? - Definition from
A Survey of System Development Process Models:
Spiral Model : Advantages and Disadvantages
What is Spiral model- advantages, disadvantages and when to use it? - ISTQB Exam Certification
Online CS Modules: The Spiral Model
SDLC Spiral Model

System testing

Risk Based Software Testing: Strategies to Prioritize Software Tests

Templates Defect Tracking Defect Tracking

Test Plan Examples and Templates

Test plan template - NC - *******
IEEE 829 - Standard for Test Documentation Overview
How to Write a Test Plan Document from Scratch (Download a Real Plan) – Live Project QA Training Day 3 — Software Testing Help



eggPlant Tools For Software Application Testing by TestPlant
eggPlant: Automated Testing for Improving Productivity & Quality
Any personal experiences on EggPlant, cross platform and application automated testing tool? - Software Quality Assurance & Testing Stack Exchange
Better software testing productivity with eggPlant, the universal automated tool - take extra 15% OFF, eggplant software pricing
QA Testing Tools-eggPlant
TestPlant introduces new scripting capabilities and a new integration strategy for its eggPlant testing tool to establish eggPlant as the industry standard for image-based testing | Business Wire
eggPlant-a QA Automation and Software Testing Tool - Quality Testing
eggPlant can be the change...
Which Software Testing Automation Tool would support Windows and Android based applications? - Software Testing Club - An Online Software Testing Community
eggPlant for cross-platform mobile testing. One tool Any test! - YouTube
new eggPlant Webinar - YouTube
▶ eggPlant test automation for the banking (mobile) industry. - YouTube

Use Cases

Write a Great User Story | Rally Help

Use Cases

Tutorial - Writing Effective Use Case
Use Case Examples -- Effective Samples and Tips
Writing use cases for agile (Scrum) projects
How to Write a Use Case: 6 Steps - wikiHow
Use cases vs User stories in Agile/Scrum development
Create Use Cases Good Use Cases.pdf
ReadySET Pro: Use Case Tutorial
Use case guidelines by Alistair Cockburn
Guideline: Detail Use Cases and Scenarios
How to Write Good Use Case Names – 7 Tips
Building Better Software › Requirements 101: User Stories vs. Use Cases

White Box and Black Box testing

White-box testing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Black-box testing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Differences Between Black Box Testing and White Box Testing | Software Testing Fundamentals
What is White Box Testing? Webopedia
Decision table - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
How to use Decision Tables
Decision Table Testing Explained with Examples - Software Testing Tutorial - YouTube
Decision Table Testing | TestTech
Decision Table Creator | Free Development software downloads at
Decision tables: A testing technique using IBM Rational Functional Tester
Decision Table Based Methodology for Software Analysis
Working with Decision Tables - 11g Release 1 (
Fundamentals of Software Testing
Bret Pettichord's Software Testing Hotlist
Brian Marick - Writings
IEEE Standard For Software Test Documentation - IEEE Std 829-1998
System Test Plan - Network


Agile Best Practices
Agile Journal - Top-down Agile Adoption - March 2007
Agile Testing
Brad Appleton's ACME Blog Agile Lifecycle Collapses the V-model upon itself
On Be(come)ing Agile From V to I
Principles behind the Agile Manifesto


4.17. Internal Quality Audits
Audit Procedures
Auditing & Checking ISO 9000 (ISO 90012000) Compliance
Internal (Quality) Audit Systems
Internal Audit Program
Internal Quality Audits
IS Auditing Guideline Audit Sampling
The Web Site Audit Check List
Turner & Coates - Internal Quality Auditor Training
Welcome to Internal!

Cognos ReportNet

Business intelligence software for reporting and OLAP analysis of Corporate Performance Management - Cognos ReportNet Features
Cognos ReportNetÖ System Requirements
Features and Benefits

Cyclomatic Complexity

Cyclomatic Complexity Metric - All Pages
Cyclomatic complexity metric
Cyclomatic Complexity
McCabe's Cyclomatic Complexity
NIST - Structured Testing A Testing Methodology Using the Cyclomatic Complexity Metric - McCbae & Associates Code Improvement Through Cyclomatic Complexity
Visual Basic Cyclomatic Complexity Metrics.
White-papers Articles Technical papers Process improvement using cyclomatic complexity

Data Migration

Data Migration Guidebook

Decision Tables

A Decision Table Based Methodology - part 1
Business Rules The Misunderstood Decision Table
Chapter 5 - Making Decisions
Chapter 7 Decision Table Based Testing
Decision table - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Decision Table Example - Department of Transportation
Decision Table Example - Rogers
Decision Table Example - Shipping Charges
Decision Table Examples Medical Insurance
Decision table Examples
Decision Table IF statements
Decision Table Introduction
Decision Tables - Example 1
Decision Tables - OpenRules User's Guide
Decision tables A testing technique using IBM Rational Functional Tester
Decision Tables Example - Selecting a Guitar
Decision Tables PPT
Decision Tables
Decision Trees (Multiple Decisions)
Design to Accommodate Change- Dave Thomas
Functional Testing
How to Write Cope Decision Tables
Prologa v.5
Software Magazine - Table 1 Decision Analysis Matrix
Spotlight 2 Decision Table Tool
Statestep - Creating Rules - Tool for creating Decision Tables

Embedded Software

Pearson Books - Testing Embedded Software
Software Quality Engineering SQE Public Training - How to Test Embedded Software Systems Article info Automated Testing of Embedded Software Article info Finding Firmware Defects Site Search

Equivalence Class testing

Chapter 6 Chapter 6 Equivalence Class Testing Equivalence Class...
Google Search equivalence class test
Lecture #5
Step 2 Know what an Equivalence Class is

Establishing a Testing Process

Access 97 Expert Solutions - Chapter 9
apsec,Eighth Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC'01)
White Paper TestPlan Driven Automated Testing


An Abbreviated C++ Code Inspection Checklist
Code Reviews - An Abridged Guide to Reviewing Code
Fagan Inspections
Requirements Inspection Checklist
Software Design Document - Inspection Checklist
Software Design Document Inspection Checklist - Firesmith OPEN Process Framework (OPF) Website
Software Formal Inspections Guidebook - NASA
Software Inspection Procedure
Software Inspections
Team Blue's Software Inspection Procedure
The Software Inspection Process 1
The Software Inspection Process

Integration testing

HILK test - Top-Down Integration


ISTQB Standard Glossary of Terms used in Software Testing V1.3, May 31st 2007
ISTQB Syllabus Foundation Level V2007, 12th April 2007

Life Cycle Models

The Waterfall Model
What is difference between Waterfall model and V modelI need 4 differences pls.........


Anchoring the Software Process
Andreas Spillner
Design through to testing
Developing Multimedia applications with the WinWin Spiral Model
Persistent Objects in COGITO-Appendix A
STSC CrossTalk - The Spiral Model as a Tool for Evolutionary Acquisition - May 2001
Successful Multi-Project Test of Win Win Spiral Model and Tools
Untitled Document


Test Metrics

Model Based Development

A Model-Based Interface Development Environment
Automotive DesignLineModel-Based Development with Virtual Prototypes
ECBS 2005
I-Logix UML 2.0 based Model-Driven Development Software for Real-time Embedded Systems
MBD 2005
Model Based Software Development Tools from Microsoft

Network Simulators

bochs The Open Source IA-32 Emulation Project (Home Page)
Broadframe Corporation Network Simulator
DACS Software Pvt. Ltd. ------- IP Network Emulator
Distributed Multimedia Research Group, Lancaster University
Extensible and High-Fidelity TCP-IP Network Simulator Papers
Flan Network Simulator
Gambit Communications - Network Management Solutions
Hammer PacketSphere Network Emulator
MPLS Network Simulator
ONE - the Ohio Network Emulator Homepage
Open source BlueHoc Web site
pkt A Network Emulator
Scalable Network Technologies
Seawind a Wireless Network Emulator - Kojo, Gurtov, Mannner, Sarolahti, Alanko, Raatikainen (ResearchIndex)
The cnet network simulator (v2.0.4)

New Trends in the Industry

Get Started With TSP and PSP
Pathways to Process Maturity
Security Changes Everything - Watts Humphry
Team Software Process (TSP)
The Team Software Process (TSP) and the Personal Software Process (PSP)
TSP and the Integrated Software Acquisition Metrics (ISAM) Project

Newsgroups - Forums

Software Testing and Quality Assurance Forums

Object Oriented Testing
Object-Oriented Software Testing
OO & Non OO Testing - Software Dioxide Discussion Group
RBSC Object-Oriented Systems A Status Report (1994)
RBSC Object-Oriented Testing Myth and Reality
RBSCBibliography Testing Object-Oriented Software
Testing Object-Oriented Systems Models, Patterns, and Tools

Orthogonal Arrays

Improving software testing via ODC Three case studies
Orthogonal Arrays

Rational Unified Process

Agile Modeling (AM) and the Unified Process (UP) RUP Book
Completing The Unified Process With Process Patterns
Getting Started - Rational Unified Process
Rational whitepaper Rational Unified Process Whitepaper Best Practices for Software Development Teams
The Rational Edge -- December 2001 -- The RUP An Industry-wide Platform for Best Practices
The Rational Edge -- January 2001 -- A Simplified Approach to RUP
The Rational Edge -- January 2001 -- What is the Rational Unified Process
The Rational Unified Process ( Has a good book reference)
Whitepapers - Rational Unified Process Whitepaper Best Practices for Software Development Teams

Recommended Readings Amelia Bedelia (I Can Read Picture Book) Books Peggy Parish,Fritz Siebel
Critical Testing Processes Plan, Prepare, Perform, Perfect Books Rex Black
Managing the Testing Process by Rex Black
Managing the Testing Process Rex Black
Testing Applications on the Web Test Planning for Mobile and Internet-Based Systems
Testing Applications on the Web

Requirements Traceability Matrices

7 Traceability Matrix
ACIS Software Traceability
Caliber Systems
Create a Traceability Matrix -- Story Bridge Creations
INCOSE TDWG RM Tool Survey - Caliber RM Response
Requirements Traceability Matrix 1
Requirements Traceability Matrix 2
Requirements Traceability Matrix
SDL Testers - Caliber
Software Requirements vs PDM Objects Traceability Matrix
Traceability Matrix Standard
Traceability Matrix
USC Title 5 - Government - Traceability Matrix

Risk Analysis

Risk-Based Testing 2
Risk-Based Testing

Security Testing
ISECOM Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual
Penetration Testing Guide
QA Forums - Software Security Testing Project Info - Open Source Security Testing Methodology

Test Case Specification

Test Case Specification IEEE 829

Test Plans

Format - Software Test Plan (STP)
IEEE 829 Documentation and how it fits in with testing
IEEE Standard For Software Test Documentation - IEEE Std 829-1998
Software Test Plan (STP)
Software Test Plan 5
Software Test Plan
What is a Test Plan and its relation to IEEE 829

Acceptance Test Plan

Acceptance Test Example 2
Acceptance Test Example
Acceptance Test Plan - NIFS
Acceptance Test Plan Format
Acceptance test plan
Acceptance Test
ECS Overall System Acceptance Test Plan Documents-Edward Hansen-catp.doc Homepage-Appendix C_TestCaseTemplate.doc
Software Magazine - Inspection Gadgets

Acceptance Test Plans

a User Acceptance Test
Acceptance Test Procedure - data instructions
Acceptance Test Procedures
Acceptance Test
Acceptance Testing and Delivery
ADM Deliverable D4.25.4 Acceptance Test Cycle Dependency Diagram
ADM Deliverable D4.25.7 User Acceptance Test Plan
ECS Acceptance Test and Life Cycle Analysis
ECS Overall System Acceptance Test Plan
Fire Alarm Acceptance Test - Contents; Columbus
FOS Acceptance Test Report for Release B, EOS Operations Center (EOC)
How to Perform a Fiber Acceptance Test
Inspection, Test, and Acceptance Requirements for Premise Structured Cabling (Fiber)
MSFC-00361 - First Stage Acceptance Test
Russian acceptance test
TEN-34 acceptance test results
Test Methodology Content
The 16 Commandments of Systems-Acceptance Power Testing
User Acceptance Testing - Randy Rice's Software Testing Page
User Acceptance Testing
User Interface Correctness
VBM Acceptance Testing

Data Migration Test Plans

An Overview of Data Migration Methodology
Data Migration Service (DMS) Development Plan
Farewell my floppy a strategy for migration of digital information
Migration Review Tribunal - Online Action Plan
MOM Test Plan
Preparing to Migrate
Scenarions -- Relational Data Base Migration
Technical Services
The Complete Data Migration Methodology
The DM Test Plan
The Test Plan

Master Test Plans

IEEE 829 - Standard for Test Documentation Overview

System Test Plans

Functional and System Test Plan Standard
Sample System Test Plan 6
Sample System Test Plan
Test Plan and Testing Strategies
Test Plan for the Message Reporting System for the Atlas DAQ Prototype -1

Unit Test Plans

Software Unit Test Plan


ACM Digital Library Using testability measures for dependability assessment
Books Software Assessment [Cigital]
Software Abstract Software Testability The New Verification
Trans. SE Abstract On the Use of Testability Measures for Dependability Assessment

Testing Certifications


Testing Magazines

STQE Magazine

Testing Real-time Ssytems

Testing embedded real-time systems


Automated Test Tools
Evaluating Test Suites
Recommended Tool Suite Characteristics.
Software Testing FAQ Testing Tools Supplier List [Cigital]
Tools Guide Tools - Sticky Minds

Web Based Testing

A Comparative Analysis of Web-Based Testing and Evaluation Systems
Automated Functional Testing of Web-based Applications (ResearchIndex) Embedded Integration Testing of Web Applications
Modeling and Testing Web-based Applications (ResearchIndex)
Software Quality Assurance Plan
Testing web-based applications with FIT
Web Application Testing in Java
Web-based Intranet and Internet Information and Applications (1194.22)

White papers on testing

KANER.COM. Software testing. Software quality. Testing Computer Software.

Xtreme Testing

Xtreme Simplicity
Xtreme Web Design - Programming